The WordPress content manager

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a content manager, what is known as CMS for its acronym in English, this content manager allows us to create and maintain a website or blog without the need to have knowledge of programming, design, html …

For years it has been the most used content manager in the world, it has thousands of free templates available to give a personal touch to the web and that adapt to all types of content. It is a simple and intuitive system to set up a personal blog, but it also allows us to set up much more complex websites with a little knowledge of mateira.

It is ideal for websites or blogs that have constant updates, since it greatly speeds up the content upload easily. Many web creators mount them on this manager because once the web is sold it can be updated by almost anyone.

One of the things that most help the fact that anyone can build a website in wordpress are its plugins, which are programs that are installed and do specific functions. For example if you need a contact form there is a plugin (or many) that does it for you, if you need an image manager there are kicks, if you need publications related to your content more of the same, anything you need for sure there is a free plugin that does.

WordPress is valid for both a personal blog and a complex website, even for a corporate website it can be used, although it is true that some specific touches do require some programming knowledge, even if it is very basic.

WordPress also allows us to set up an online store, there are specific content managers to create this type of store, PrestaShop, Magento, WooCommerce … are some of the most used examples. Some payment themes (templates) They already have their own store-type manager.

As we have said before, with WordPress you can mount any type of web and it greatly facilitates any task that you then have to do in it.

How is WordPress installed?

If this content manager is easy to use, it is also easy to install. You just have to download the files from their official page and upload them to the public folder of your server.

We will have to create a database on our server and put the username and password in the file config-sample.php. Once this file has been edited, it is uploaded to the server and the “sample” part is removed from the name, leaving the file with the name “config.php”. Then we access our website from any Internet browser and follow the configuration guide, which is as simple as putting the name of the website, description, user …

It is highly recommended to install a plugin for SEO, search engine optimization. But we will leave this for another article.

Top 5 most downloaded apps in 2019

These are the 5 most downloaded applications of the year 2019.

Nobody should be surprised that Facebook is the most downloaded brand in 2019 on mobile phones. Marck Zuckerberg’s empire dominates the mobile world with its main Facebook app or with others that belong to it, of this top 5 apps, 4 are from this great empire. That being said, let’s go with the top 5.

1 Whatsapp

The instant messaging application of reference, today there is no person who has a smartphone and does not have this application installed. 849.9 million downloads based on Sensor Tower data. For the fourth consecutive year it is the number one application in the world.

3 Messenger

Another instant messaging app, with just over 720 million downloads.

4 Facebook with 680 million downloads.

5 Instagram with 440 million downloads. This app is clearly on the rise.

As we have said of the 5 most downloaded applications in the world, 4 belong to the giant of Zuckerberg, which was the main developer of 2019 achieving 3 billion total installations with its four applications.

The only application that sneaks into the top 5 (top 2) that does not belong to this group is Tik Tok. In the last 3 years this app has gone from being neither the world top 10 to occupying the number 2 position in the world in 2019.

Other interesting facts.

How much do users spend on this type of Apps?

As a whole, application downloads have grown by 9.1% in 2019, reaching 114.9 billion installations. These data are distributed between the 30.6 billion in the App Store and the 84.4 billion in Google Play.

Another curiosity is the expense of the users in some types of applications, being the “flirting” apps the ones that bill the most. Tinder is the application that had the most cat per user in the European Union in all 2019.

TFT patch 10.8’s most broken compositions

We are going to give a little overview of the most broken TFT compositions with the current patch 10.8.

At first we can assure that the dark stars are OP.

After we have been playing with the TFT patch 10.8 for a few days, the players already know what is the strongest and what must be played to climb it in the qualifiers as fast as possible.

Really the goal has not undergone major changes but some other nuances, such as the composition of Mechapilotos that has lost strength.

Star Guardians + Sorcerers.

Without a doubt, the composition of Star Guardians + Sorcerers is the strongest of all the meta. The objective of this composition is to achieve as fast as possible the 6 star guardians and 4 sorcerers and then finish completing it with a spatula.

We give an example:

You have to try to get Syndra to 3, since he is our main carry, and Neeko in the frontlane to 3 that will be our tank. One will hold the enemy’s glopes while the other token will kill all enemies.

Nerfs at Mechapilotos has resulted in the robot that Annie, Fizz and Rumble manage to generate is much less strong, playable but has nothing to do with what it was before. Still playing with Infiltrates, but the composition is now much more balanced. In this composition you have to try to make a Mecha to 3 and Shaco to put it as the main carry.

The Dark stars are out, they are too OP and we would not be surprised if they eat a nerf sooner rather than later, but for now we are going to try to spam this composition to farm ELO as quickly as possible.

1 good science new

In this time of confinement, there is nothing wrong with having good news, it is not a news related to COVID-19, much less, but it is a good news that can surely give a little joy to all of us who like science.

Evidence of an exotic and elusive particle found

The particle in question is called anyon, but we will start by saying that a quasi-particle is a particle capable of traveling in the solid state surrounded by another particle that they drag when they move.

Well, anyones are quasi-particles that belong to 2D physics, which means that their environments are two-dimensional systems.

How can they change your life in the future?

Some physical phenomena cause conditions to happen in 2D, physicists say one of the dimensions freezes. This makes a 3D space limited to certain 2D phenomena, restricts it so that we understand each other.

Quantum Computing
They argue in 1977 that anyones have been exploited theoretically and experimentally, but their true nature in the quantum field was somewhat elusive to date.

According to Professor Gwendal Féve, leader of the research group in this field says that the definitive proof of the existence of anyones was when it was shown that they behaved as if there was something in the middle of the path between a fermion and a boson. It is the first time that an experiment has been able to demonstrate something like this.

Quantum technology: The new battle zone between the United States and China.

All the studies on these particles are a huge advance for physics. Quantum computing promises the revolution in computer technology when quantum mechanics is used in problem solving and processing much faster (millions of times) than any machine today.